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Posted by admin on July 31, 2017

Batman is not the colorful Spider-Man who dances around like Tobey Maguire. Bradshaw helped the long-suffering Steelers to consecutive playoff bids in 1972-73. This week, I almost took all your home teams.

The only team to ever have an undefeated season was the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Since then many NFL teams have attempted correspond this seemingly impossible accomplishments. Of those worth mentioning are the 1976 Oakland raiders (13-1), the 1984 San Fransisco 49ers (13-1), the 1985 Chicago Bears (13-1), the 1988 Minnesota Vikings(15-1), the 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1), the 2007 Northeastern Patriots(who actually did a great undefeated regular season and did not lose prior to the Super Bowl), the 2005 and 2009 Indianapolis Colts, and not surprisingly the 2009 New Orleans Saints.

It shall be interesting discover how Jackson would do if two-way radio the entire offseason and training camp to prepare, and a team told him he was definitely the guy – and gave him a legitimate shot. That might not occur in Minnesota. The man who was his biggest fan, Brad Childress, discovered fired. I’m not sure the organization feels Jackson is could moving in front.

Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl Championship in the early nineties. New England Patriots were the opposing team and recreation took place at the Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, The hawaiian islands. Don’t miss the game between Green bay packers and elite Pittsburgh Steelers. Watch the overall game using the actual hyperlink provided next. Don’t miss the chance, so go surfing immediately check out the game without lack the possibility. Watch NFL Super Bowl game pass Green Bay Packers vs elite Pittsburgh Steelers live online. An individual only a click beyond the the associated with excitement.

Week 8: The to begin many home games blacked out this current year as the Lions adopt the Washington Redskins. I fully expected a blowout in this game, I do believe at these times we all did. However, after a low scoring first half, the Lions actually led 10-6. However, late in the fourth quarter the Lions defense did there is nothing did best, laid down for one other team and Santana Moss caught a 50 yard touchdown to give the Redskins the teather. Moss then scored on an 80 yard punt return as the Lions’ special teams do their best impression their particular defense, and the Lions lose 25-17 to fall to 0-7. When you’ve played seven games, are winless, in support have allowed less than 25 points once, music ” type things could be unhealthy.

Week 10: Then all this came crashing down. Orlovsky hurt his hand, and couldn’t play around. In stepped Ol’ Creaky Knees himself, Daunte “I was retired before the Lions signed me” Culpepper. Needless to say, because you may recall, I was not a fan of the signing. He played mediocre, but the defense played terrible. No quarterback will present won the game for the Lions. Maurice Jones-Drew a new comically good day as well as the Lions lost 38-17. These now 0-9, and unappealing of a winless season was getting to be broached, it might was too away feel about it feasible.

Dan Fouts threw more touchdown passes against the Oakland / Los Angeles Raiders than he threw aainst every other team associated with league. He 36 touchdown passes against them. The Seattle Seahawks are in second place in this category having deserted 30 touchdown passes to Fouts.

Now, take a look at are. The growing season is over, the Lions were a 0-16 team in NFL history. However, that is all in previous. Each season is a whole new game. Miami went from 1-15 to 11-5 and also the playoffs. Will the Lions perform this type of amazing turn-around? Probably not. However, there is not a way next season is worst than this past one. So enjoy the playoffs, recognize when abilities Bowl ends, the 2008 season is entirely a books and the 2009 season is here. In 2009, the Lions are 0-0, and anything can happen.

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens: The most difficult game choose. These teams are like mirror images of additional. Will Albert Haynesworth play, and if he does how effective can he be? How will Chris Johnson and LenDale White do against the Ravens S? Can Kerry Collins not increase mistakes Chad Pennington achieved? I don’t know how much home field helps the Titans in this game, LP Field does not exactly cash lore going without. Last week I took all the teams. This week, I almost took all residential energy teams. Unbelievably Baltimore finds a technique to win, even.

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